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How to increase the longevity of fresh flowers by florists in Italy?

Posted last July 22, 2014, 12:18 am in Services report article

Life has given us enough reasons to celebrate, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, showers, Christmas, and many other great days. But there is one common factor to all of these celebrations. Flowers have always been a part of every kind of celebration or condolences that we attend or host.

Flowers are the only thing that can successfully express the feelings of our hearts and convey messages effortlessly. They bestow a mesmerizing impact upon an individual’s emotions. Be it a happy ceremony or condolence one, flowers can gracefully transfer your heartfelt messages to your loved ones.

Flowers have a remarkable ability to brighten up not only the room, but also the mood of the individual presented to. And what can be a better way to present flowers in Philippines. other than lovely bouquets. However, a professional and trained florist realizes the importance of using premium flowers to from bouquets as quality matter over quantity. Flowers carry sentiments, emotions, and feelings. Here lie some tips to be explored by us to extend the life of our flowers for as long as possible.  

With proper care and attention, a flower can last upto 7- 10 days even. Follow these practical steps to elongate their life.

·        Get flowers into water

Flowers begin to dehydrate after only a short time out of the water, which requires you to put the flowers into water as quickly as possible. The main trick lies in balancing the temperature of the water that you keep your flowers in. If the flowers are dehydrated, putting them in warm water (not hot, not cold) is the easiest way to rehydrate them. By keeping them in warm water, you help the flowers to promote opening of the blooms, resulting in the longer survival of the flowers in Italy.

·        Change the water daily

The second step includes changing the water regularly or atleast in every 2 days. You may now keep the flowers in cold water instead of warm, as this is the key part of keeping the flowers cool and in good condition.

·        Remove the leaves and petals which fall in the water

Removing the leaves and petals is important as leaving out them in the vase becomes the breeding ground for bacteria.  

·        Trim the stems

Take a pair of scissors and trip down about 1 inch from the bottom of the step of the flower. But watch out and don’t crush the stems while doing this. Best part is this that if you cut the stem in an angle, you incase the surface area exposed to water. Once you cut, put the stem immediately into water as exposure to air might block the ability to draw water.

·        Keep flowers cool

Keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, lamps, and heaters. If possible, keep them in cooler conditions. The ideal temperature of flowers is a chilly 4-5C (39-41F), which is the temperature inside your refrigerator. In order to extend the life of your flowers you could place them in the refrigerator overnight before a special occasion, to keep them blooming.